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A reputable swimming pool resurfacing contractor in Dallas can make your pool and spa look like new again.  We understand that sometimes you just want to spend the least amount of money to make the pool usable and other times you want to upgrade your pool’s surface or pool deck to a better product or a different design.  It really comes down to the materials you select.  The preparation process of fixing concrete spalls and properly addressing other existing issues needs to be done regardless, but the selected materials will determine the preparation process as it relates to your existing surface and finally the installation of the chosen materials.  The materials you choose will vary in cost and the old adage of “you get what you pay for” applies here.  Our workmanship is excellent regardless of the materials you choose to resurface your pool or pool deck.  Other pool resurfacing companies in Dallas might lower their process in order to win the job, but that is unfair to you as the homeowner as there will be obvious consequences for you down the road.  We work with all pool resurfacing materials ranging from concrete, gunite, plasters, aggregates, “cool” coatings, acrylics, fiberglass, tiles, and many more.

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Dallas Pool Resurfacing

The competition within the pool remodeling and resurfacing industry today is stiffer than ever. A quick look at the local directory or recommendations from home improvement stores will reveal dozens of contractors that are eager to earn your business. Since deck maintenance jobs, tile replacement, and concrete crack repairs are all handled by a variety of construction workers and landscapers, it is easy to see why so many options avail themselves any time you do a simple search.

Why Work with Dallas Pool Resurfacing?

It pays to be honest in this line of business. And while you are likely to find or come across a contractor that can resurface your pool faster than anyone else and for lesser than we charge, one thing such penny-pinching “experts” won’t tell you is that getting things done right the first time around is a much better and sounder investment – an investment that will last decades!

Who are Our Clients?

At Dallas Pool Resurfacing, we’ve worked with both commercial and private clients for the over ten years we’ve been in business.

However, our main clientele is the middle-class Texan homeowner who understands the importance of investing in their family’s future. And to be honest, this is the client base we feel most comfortable working with most of the time!

On average, most of our clients own 15,000-gallon pools and typically spend anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 on their pool’s remodeling project – that’s dependent on whether they’re simply having their pool resurfaced or if they want a full revamp of their patio covers, outdoor lighting, and home spa area.

From our statistics, the average client’s annual income per family ranges between $75,000 and $100,000. While our clients aren’t particularly rich, they are people who are simply out to ensure that their pool is not only practical and beautiful but also will not need repairs every other summer – which can be quite costly.

What Are You Going to be Spending Your Money On?

In a nutshell: premium materials, experienced workers, a 10-year warranty, and comprehensive insurance coverage.

As the go-to pool resurfacing company in Dallas, we take our time working on projects entrusted to us for the best results. Our main aim is to make sure that all surfaces are properly molded, tightly bonded, and well-polished.

Want to know our little marketing strategy secret? The majority of our business is derived from referrals. We believe that satisfied clients are the best investment for any company, which is why we’re always ready and willing to go the extra mile to make sure the pool surfaces we create for our clients last for years.

What, Exactly, Do We Do?

For contractors who’ve been in the pool resurfacing industry for some time, it can be easy to get distracted by talks of chemical bonding, Hydrazzo, and quartz finishes. However, we won’t diverge since we know that these are things you, the customer, do not understand.

For your sake, we’ve created the following quick guide where we list all the steps involved in resurfacing a pool. With the information provided here, you shouldn’t have a problem identifying what each of our workers is doing while working on your pool.

Dallas Pool Resurfacing Solutions

Most tile and concrete pools and decks will need resurfacing every 5 to 10 years – fiberglass tends to last a bit longer and should do 10 to 15 years without needing any resurfacing. If your swimming pool is nearing these marks, it is probably time you considered having it resurfaced.

There are lots of pool resurfacing options available in Dallas, especially when it comes to deck and pool finishes with the most popular ones being tile, fiberglass, aggregate, and Portland cement plaster.

– Concrete. The good thing about Portland cement is that it’s durable and affordable. Concrete pools can last up to seven-years without requiring any repairs. While a pure concrete pool can be somewhat plain, you can always spice things up by getting colored concrete to give your pool some pizzazz!

– Cement Aggregate. This is basically Portland cement that’s been mixed with some other materials like tiles, quartz, or granite. Apart from being quite affordable, cement aggregate also allows you to add some color to your swimming pool. Diamond Brite resurfacing is one of, if not the most popular, aggregates in Dallas. Another popular option within this category is the Pebble finish.

– Fiberglass. Fiberglass lasts a very long time and is available in a variety of colors and styles that suit any style or taste. The good thing about this material is that it naturally requires very little cleaning compared to aggregate or concrete since its nonporous.

– Tile. Tile resurfacing can be done with porcelain tiles, glass tiles, or ceramic tiles – all of which have a wide selection of options. While tile resurfacing is the most expensive pool resurfacing option in Dallas, it is also the most ornamental. The good thing about tile pools is that they are easy to repair when pieces crack or chip.

Have any questions regarding the resurfacing of pools and decks or about pool resurfacing options? Dallas Pool Resurfacing is here to answer all of your queries. As a professional pool resurfacing company, we also can help with expansion joints, overlays, non-slip flooring options, draining covers, drain channels, repainting, drains, sealers, and epoxy. Give us a call today for a free estimate!

What Does it Cost to Have a Concrete Pool Resurfaced in Dallas?

Some of the options available when it comes to concrete pool resurfacing include pebble, aggregate, colored concrete, and plain concrete finishes.

While we cannot tell exactly how much money you will spend to have your concrete pool resurfaced, what we know is that the price will be affected by several factors, with the most obvious one being the size of your swimming pool.

At the same time, the shape of the pool also plays a major role in determining how much its resurfacing will cost since working with curves tends to be quite time-consuming. At the same time, the materials used to construct the pool also sway pricing as does the finish you would like to have applied and if you want that finish to have a specific pattern.

When it comes to costs, pebble finishes are the most expensive while colored and plain concrete is the least expensive. Most pool owners in Dallas prefer Diamond Brite resurfacing, considering that most search the internet for local pool resurfacing companies that offer this service. And there is a reason why! Of all concrete options, Diamond Brite resurfacing does a great job combining affordability, durability, and attractiveness. At the same time, it’s been known to last up to 12-years, only needing an acid wash every 5-years to stay clean and bright. The good thing about this option is that you can get in a variety of colors, which means it shouldn’t be that hard to find something that suits your preference.

If your pool has a plain concrete finish, then upgrading it to Diamond Brite is a great way to give it a makeover at an affordable cost. If you already have the option on your pool, we can help upgrade it to a pebble finish. While this option is a bit more expensive, the difference it will make is comparable to having a new pool installed. Nevertheless, any changes made on the finish of your pool will definitely show a huge difference in your pool’s resurfacing before and after photos.

So, if you are currently looking for a “Diamond Brite pool resurfacing company near me,” get in touch with us today for professional and dependable solutions. Call us now for your free estimate and a chance to learn more about concrete pool resurfacing.

What Does it Cost to Have a Fiberglass Pool Resurfaced in Dallas?

Like with concrete pool resurfacing, the cost of having your fiberglass pool resurfaced will mostly depend on how big your pool is. However, with fiberglass pools, the shape does not play such a major role since the gel we apply on the material is way easier to work with around corners and curves.

However, the condition of the fiberglass will also determine how much you’ll spend to have the pool resurfaced. Having your fiberglass pool resurfaced will cost a bit more if there is a crack that needs to be filled in the fiberglass. Fortunately, we are experts when it comes to fiberglass pool repair – no matter how bad the issue is; you can rest assured that by the time we are done with your pool, it will be looking like new.

Call us with the dimensions of your swimming pool, and we will do our best to provide you with an estimate of what it will cost to resurface your fiberglass pool over the phone.

Dallas Pool Deck Resurfacing, Pool Tile Repair, and Fiberglass Pool Repair

Apart from being one of the top resurfacing companies in Dallas, we also provide deck resurfacing and quick repairs.

Some of the services we offer include:

– Deck painting

– Deck repair

– Resurfacing pool decks, to be specific, pool deck resurfacing

– Ladders and handrail replacement

– Fiberglass pool repair

– Tile pool repair

We offer these services either as part of a complete pool resurfacing project or, if it is not yet time for resurfacing, as standalone solutions.

Through our concrete pool deck resurfacing service, we will fill in any chips and cracks on your deck before re-smoothing the entire surface with any pattern or texture you like.

While you could always keep the same finish as before, we offer you the opportunity to use our deck resurfacing solutions to upgrade your deck to an attractive pebble finish, colored concrete, or a decorative aggregate. Even if you decide against changing your pool’s finish, having your pool deck resurfaced can help make the pool area look brand new.

Searching for a professional pool deck resurfacing, fiberglass pool repair, or pool tile repair company you can trust? Reach out to us now for advice, solutions, and a free quote.

The Different Stages of Pool Resurfacing

Step #1: Draining and Cleaning

While it sounds obvious, this step is where most contractors’ mettle starts to show. On day one, we send an employee over to the client’s place – your place – to drain the pool and make sure it’s completely empty and dry. During this time, s/he will also be inspecting the pool area to see if there are things like furniture that could restrict movement and checking to ensure that all bubble hoses and pumps are working as they should.

Step #2: Preparation

After making sure that everything is dry and neat, we then start preparing the surfaces to make sure they’re smooth enough – this process includes multi-coating, sand-blasting, covering the surroundings, and stripping the pool’s surface.

These steps are necessary since there’s no way you can sandblast surfaces without creating a mess. Fortunately, our team of handymen is committed to ensuring that dust is kept at a minimum. We do not consider the day over until we cleaned up after ourselves and have removed all equipment from your property.

Step #3: Masonry and Tile Installation

Once the area is prepped, it is time to install the decorative features and tiles you’ve chosen for the project. It is at this point where the final patterns and locations are set in concrete – for this reason, we always require the client to be present to okay the process.

We always prefer playing by the book, which is why we always do our best to ensure that this stage is documented, and our clients have signed the contract before we commence. The tiling process typically lasts about three days or shorter – depending on the size of the pool!

Step #4: Sealant and Plumbing Checks

One of the crucial things to consider when it comes to the maintenance of a pool is water-tightness. After we’re done tiling the pool, we take one extra day to check your plumbing and ensure its properly sealed and ready to go. We also use this time to take handle any pending repairs.

Step #5: Pool Finish Installation

Once your pool shell has been cleaned and inspected, we then move on to installing the finish you chose. From this point, you should start seeing your pool’s new details emerging.

This process typically takes about three days, or even shorter – i.e., depending on the type of material you chose. If you settle for a Hydrazzo, Quartz, Pebble, or Beadcrete finish, then the process will involve a full acid wash treatment. For some high-end materials, this is a standard part of the process and is handled by an experienced member of the team.

Step #6: Clean Up and Pool Filling

While our crew always clean up after themselves at the end of each working day, there’s still some dirt that will have gathered somewhere in the space. As a professional service provider, we always make sure that we still perform some extra general clean-up after we’ve finished installing your pool. Once everything is clean, we start filling up the pool – please make sure you are around on this to turn the water off once it’s full.

Step #7: Water Treatment

The final step involves treating the water and is essential for ensuring the resurfacing job lasts. It is worth noting that this process can last up to 7-days and may require a few checks and tweaks.

A majority of our clients in Dallas prefer leaving this task to us, and we’re always happy to do it ourselves or even work with them. As long as the job gets done, the choice is up to you.

If you’d like to see some before and after photos of work done or have any questions regarding procedures, materials, or budgets, feel free to give us a call at any time. We, at Dallas Pool Resurfacing, are more than willing to show why we are the go-to company when it comes to pool resurfacing and repair.

Why Should I Choose Dallas Pool Resurfacing While I Have So Many Options?

With so many companies providing pool resurfacing services in Dallas, why should you even consider hiring us to resurface your pool or handle pool tile repair?

Well, because we are the best. Our professional craftsmanship and our customer service record have been recognized by top award-giving bodies for excellence when it comes to fiberglass pool repair, pool tile repair, and concrete and wood pool deck resurfacing. Don’t believe us? Then check out the ratings previous customers have left us to see what they have to say about our work ethic and the results we provide.

Here’s a look at how can be of help to you:

• First off, we can take you through the different processes of each project and offer you a detailed estimate for all the work that will be done.

• We’ll show you before and after pictures of past swimming pool resurfacing projects with different finishes, so you have an easier time choosing an option that best suits your style and budget.

• We provide you with a schedule of when we will complete the different steps of the resurfacing process and stick to it. To determine how long it’s going to take, we consider how much time each material needs to set and how long it’ll take to complete the project based on the size of your deck or pool.

• We provide a warranty on all the work we do and also offer a maintenance package. As the go-to pool resurfacing company in Dallas, we will never leave you hanging even after the job is done – we always stand by the work we do!

As your preferred pool resurfacing contractor in Dallas, we’re honored to earn your respect and business not just once, but any other time you need pool resurfacing or repairs.

We seek perfection in everything we do, and that includes the friendliness of our team, the work we do, and the quality of materials we use. To guarantee our work, we provide all of our clients with a 10-year warranty. As such, you can rest assured that we’ll always be there for you to address any issues that may arise after we have completed our work. For clients who hire us to resurface or repair their pool deck, we have a continuous deck maintenance program, through which we help them ensure their decks remain in great shape always.

With so many pool resurfacing services providers in the market, choosing the right people can be difficult. If you are looking for a reputable, top-notch services provider, then you’ve come to the right

place. We deliver nothing but the best solutions when it comes to fiberglass pool repair, pool resurfacing, pool deck resurfacing, and pool tile repair.

Reach out to us today for pool resurfacing solutions you can trust. With Dallas Pool Resurfacing by your side, be ready for awesome results once we are done resurfacing your pool.

If you live in Dallas and its environs, give Dallas Pool Resurfacing a call today for quality and lasting solutions.

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