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Dallas Pool Resurfacing & Plastering is the top pool deck contractor in Dallas. Our team has the skills and expertise to restore the appearance of your pool deck and make it look like new again.

Your pool deck will inevitably deteriorate over time as a result of continual exposure to the weather, but you don't have to watch helplessly while this happens. Give us a call right away to breathe new life into your outdated pool deck.
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How Can You Tell If Your Pool Deck Should Be Resurfaced?

Since pool deck improvements may be time-consuming and expensive, pool owners frequently put off repairs as long as possible. But as Dallas’ leading pool deck resurfacing company, we understand how to do tasks as fast and effectively as feasible.

Since materials on pool decks are frequently exposed to the weather, this can happen over time. Additionally, you can start to see cracking as a result of structural problems or fading paint that no longer reflects sunlight. Any of these problems warrant having your pool deck resurface because neglecting them could result in more expensive problems down the line.

If you intend to sell your house soon, it's also a smart idea to resurface your pool deck in order to maintain and potentially even raise the value of your house.


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What Materials are Used to Resurface a Pool Deck?

When deciding which materials to use for your pool deck resurfacing project, there are several options available to us. Every material we use is carefully chosen by us to guarantee that it is of the greatest caliber and durability.

Aside from being extremely low maintenance, our materials also come in a wide variety of colors and styles, making it simple to match the precise design you have in mind. This will save you time and energy over the course of the pool deck's lifespan. Here are some of our most popular choices:


One of the most widely used materials for pool deck refinishing is pavers. They have an extraordinarily long lifespan and are impervious to rust and weathering caused by the harsh chemicals found in swimming pools. Pavers also require little care and are simple to fix or replace if they are damaged.

Decorative Concrete

Trying for a more natural appearance? Afterward, stamped concrete is the best option. The more rustic appearance of stamped concrete, which mimics the appearance of real stone, is sure to appeal. To make the concrete look even more realistic and distinctive, you can add extra stains and hues.

Concrete Surfacing

In comparison to most other popular solutions, concrete overlays offer a sleek and opulent appearance and take significantly less time and preparation to install. These overlays are simply installed on top of your current concrete pool deck, offering an instant cosmetic improvement that resembles marble without the need for time-consuming ground preparation.

Tile or Brick

For pool owners who want to create a distinctive aesthetic that sets their pool apart from the competition, brick and tile are fantastic possibilities. Even when exposed to intense sunshine all day, these materials are simple to install, affordable, minimal maintenance, and offer a cool surface for you to walk on.

Decking Kool

Since the 1960s, Kool decking has been a fixture in the pool industry, and for good reason. Kool decking looks good and functions admirably as a deck surface material, even adding extra traction when wet. This material also reflects sunlight, as suggested by its name, which keeps it cool on hot days.

Decorative Concrete

You want to resurface your pool deck, but you don't want to sacrifice quality for cost. If so, stamped concrete has what you need. Stenciled concrete is still one of the best and most affordable pool deck resurfacing solutions because it combines the strength of concrete with the flexibility to simulate the look of pavers, flagstone, and wood when combined with acid stains.

How Are Pool Decks Installed?

The procedure may still be broken down into a few fundamental components, even if the steps required in pool deck resurfacing can vary greatly based on the materials utilized.

Preparation and Repairs

To make it simpler for the new surface to adhere to the base, we first repair any fractures and other damage to the existing concrete before blasting and grinding it.


After giving the concrete a thorough pressure wash, we wait for it to dry before covering it with primer.


The product must then be mixed and applied to the pool surface as the next step. The techniques utilized vary greatly because each product has unique specialized preparation and application instructions.

Textures and Designs

The overlay is then embellished with patterns and textures using specialized equipment including hand trowels, rakes, and stamps.

Seal and Cure

To further its resistance to weathering and stains, a sealer will then be sprayed when it has had time to dry.

Resurfacing a pool deck is a time-consuming and labor-intensive procedure, but as the top Dallas pool deck resurfacing company, we have the skills and know-how to complete your project successfully.

Pool Deck Upkeep and Maintenance

It's crucial to ensure adequate upkeep after your pool deck has been refinished. Even though the majority of the coatings we employ are moisture- and chemical-resistant, you should strive to clean up any spills as soon as you can using a non-abrasive commercial surface cleanser and a power washer if necessary.

Pool Deck Plans

We take pleasure in our practically infinite selection of colors, textures, and patterns when it comes to design, making it simple for you to satisfy all of your style preferences.


We have the colors to create any appearance you are trying to accomplish. We'll mix you a bespoke color that complements your property and the surrounding surroundings, choosing from a wide range of colors that range from more subdued natural tones to more brilliant, eye-catching colors.


Additionally, we are equipped with the know-how to create a variety of forms, designs, and textures. You might be amazed by how many options there are, ranging from straightforward shaped patterns to stamps that imitate the appearance of genuine stone, flagstone, wood, and more.

Once finished, you might want to think about a variety of toppings and coatings. There are plenty of possibilities, from acrylic coatings to concrete overlays, so if you're unsure or would like some advice, feel free to contact us, and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Frequently Asked Questions about Resurfacing Pool Decks

Is resurfacing an existing pool deck possible?

Yes, provided that there isn't any serious structural damage to the pool deck itself. Resurfacing your pool deck is an easy technique to restore it to a new condition when it has minor cracks and discoloration.

Which pool deck coating is the best?

There are several key reasons why concrete is by far the ideal material to choose for your pool deck, the first of which is that it is highly resilient. Contrary to many other building materials, concrete is more durable and weatherproof, and even if it does eventually sustain damage, it is simple to fix.

Concrete is also the best material because it requires little upkeep. Your concrete will be resistant to stains and the typical wear and tear brought on by continuous exposure to the elements if you just apply a suitable sealer.

How much does it cost to resurface a pool deck?

The scale of the project, the type of materials utilized, the level of design detail, and the state of the existing concrete surface can all have a significant impact on the cost of pool deck resurfacing projects.

What if the concrete I currently have has cracks?

Minor cracks are usually repairable with a patch. Significant cracks, however, can indicate more serious structural damage that needs to be repaired if they are present.

How much does the thickness of concrete increase with an overlay?

The quality and evenness of the concrete's application can affect this, but generally speaking, adding an overlay can increase thickness by anywhere between a quarter inch and two inches.

How long do pool decks with new surfaces last?

A newly installed or refinished pool deck should last approximately a decade and, in some situations, up to 25 years.

Resurface a Pool Deck in Dallas

If pool deck resurfacing sounds like the right choice for your outdoor space, give us a call at Dallas Pool Resurfacing & Plastering to get started with the best pool deck contractor in Dallas today! We can also help you with your Pool Resurfacing needs!


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