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Next Level Pool Remodeling in Dallas!

Are you ready to get rid of your old, worn-out pool? If that's the case, you've come to the right place. Dallas Pool Resurfacing & Plastering is the top pool remodeling contractor in Dallas. Our team of experts has the skills and resources to make your dream pool come true.
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At Dallas Pool Resurfacing & Plastering, we know how important your pool is to you. Pools are a great place to relax and make memories with family and friends, and we want to help your pool hit new heights.

Pool Remodeling in Dallas

It doesn't take much to turn your ordinary pool into the private outdoor haven of your dreams, whether you just want to repair it or add something new and interesting to it. Our skilled pool techs are experts at swimming pool remodeling and repairs. They have the knowledge and tools to make your dream pool come true.

We will go over all of your options with you and answer any questions you may have, no matter where you are in the planning process. So, if you want to update your pool in Dallas, the best choice is Dallas Pool Resurfacing & Plastering.


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How to Tell if Your Pool Needs a Remodel

Swimming pools get old and worn out over time, but it can be hard for people who aren't in the business to know when they need to update their pools. There are, however, a few clear signs to keep an eye out for:

Cracks and Holes

Leaks and cracks in a pool are one of the most important reasons to rebuild. However, most people don't think about this when deciding whether or not to fix their pool. This is because leaks can do a lot of damage to your pool's base and the area around it if you don't fix them.

When these problems are present, a pool always needs to be redone from top to bottom. This will stop any more expensive damage to your pool and the area around it. It will also fix the problem completely, making sure that your pool won't leak or break for a long time.

Outdated Plumbing, Pumps, Filters, and Equipment

The fact that your pipes, pumps, filters, and other equipment are old is another good reason to update your pool. These parts are important for keeping your pool clean and safe, and if they aren't working right, you'll need to replace them fully.

Even though these parts look like they work well, if your pool is more than ten years old, you can't be sure that they will last for a long time. This is because the technology that was put in your pool when it was first built is probably the same age.

Your equipment is old, doesn't work right, and needs to be replaced if your pool is always dirty or if you hear loud buzzing, grinding, screeching, or noises coming from it.

Why Remodel Your Pool?

Remodeling your pool and installing new technology has a number of benefits that make things easier and more effective. Here are some of the benefits:

Save Energy Costs

Remodeling your pool is a great way to save money on energy costs over time, since older pools tend to use a lot more energy than younger ones. We only use the most energy-efficient parts to make sure that your newly remodeled pool is as good for the environment as possible.

Improve Safety and Visibility

Even though you might not need to completely remodel your pool just to change the lights, it is something to think about if you do decide to remodel it.

Broken lights are a common problem, but they put everyone in danger, especially young children, who use the pool.

Lighting problems are often caused by bigger electricity issues, and the best time to replace or fix your pool's lighting system is when you're remodeling it.

Since LED lights are the best and brightest choice for lighting a pool, we recommend putting them in. You can even put in LEDs that change color to make your pool look more interesting.

Update to a Modern Design

Some design trends just don't last, while others do. If your pool's design is very old, you might want to think about updating it to make it look better, increase the value of your house, and use less energy.

Older pools also often don't have the features that most modern pools have, but if you rebuild, you can pick and choose any modern feature you want for your new pool. There is no limit to the things you can add to your perfect pool, from spas and hot tubs to grills and fires.

Improve Your Pool Deck

If your pool deck is fading or otherwise ruined, that's another good reason to think about upgrading your pool. Dallas Pool Resurfacing & Plastering has the skills to make your pool deck look good again, even if it has big problems like wood rot, chemical spots, and mildew.

Increase Size

Unfortunately, your pool doesn’t grow with your family and friends, so pool owners often find that they need more room. As the best swimming pool makeover company in Dallas, we can quickly make your pool bigger or deeper so that it can fit all of your family and friends.

Our Pool Remodeling Services

Dallas Pool Resurfacing & Plastering is the best choice for all of your pool remodeling needs. We offer a wide range of renovation, restoration, and upkeep services as the leading pool remodeling company in the area. Here are some of the most popular services we offer:

Putting up Walls and Resurfacing

Your pool's surface will wear down and break down over time because it is not invincible. This can make your pool less appealing to look at and make the surface rough and hard to walk on.

Also, a worn-out surface could make it more likely that your pool will get cracks and breaks, which, if not fixed, could do a lot of damage.

By a long shot, the easiest way to fix these problems is to resurface your pool. Our skilled pool experts have all the tools they need to resurface your pool quickly and well, giving it an instant boost in looks, durability, and longevity.

Updating Pool Decks

What good is a beautiful pool if the deck around it is getting worse? Common problems like cracks, weather damage, and wood rot can quickly ruin the look and feel of a swimming pool. If your pool deck has seen better days, our professionals can remodel it and add exciting new features that will give your pool, garden, and house as a whole a new look.

Repairs and Replacements

Our high-quality retiling services make it easy to fix or replace broken tiles so you can get back to enjoying your pool as soon as possible. Broken or missing tiles can look bad and could hurt someone who walks on them the wrong way by accident.

The plumbing in your pool is very important to how it works and how clean and safe it is for users. Older water systems, on the other hand, are much less effective and use a lot more energy than newer ones.

You can trust Dallas Pool Resurfacing & Plastering to do the job right, whether you need to fix the whole system or just one broken part. We are proud to be the best company in Dallas for rebuilding swimming pools, and we only sell top-tier equipment.

Lighting Installation

Depending on the kind of lights you use, the quality and effectiveness of your pool lighting system could change a lot. However, your pool needs lights to be safe. Even though LEDs are by far the best and most environmentally friendly options, we can fix, replace, or install anything you need, no matter what your lighting needs or preferences are.

System Upgrades

If you want to find an option for chlorine pools, you might want to think about putting in a saltwater system in your pool. Even though chlorine is still in saltwater pools, there is a lot less of it than in chlorine-only pools.

Saltwater systems are more cost-effective and better for the environment. They also need less upkeep and are better for your skin, hair, and eyes.

Add-On Features

Not every pool needs to be remodeled, especially if it is old or broken. At Dallas Pool Resurfacing & Plastering, we offer a wide range of luxurious add-ons that will take your pool to a whole new level and make it the talk of the neighborhood. Here are some of our most popular choices:

Water Features

Adding some interesting water features to the design of your pool is a surefire way to get people's attention right away. We offer tons of unique choices, from water walls to fountains and everything in between, that will make you wish you had updated your pool sooner.

LED Lights

LED lights are the norm for home swimming pools today. This is because LED lights are better than other kinds of lighting in many ways.

The lights are bright and use very little energy. This makes pools better for the environment and cheaper to run while also making them easier to see and safer. They also last much longer than other lights, so you'll spend less time taking care of them.

Also, LED light systems can be programmed to change colors and can be accessed and changed from smart devices like phones and tablets.

Spa and Hot Tub Installation

If you want to make your outdoor paradise even better, adding a spa area or hot tub can make your home pool much more flexible and add a new level of luxury. We can turn your pool into the spa of your dreams, complete with a heated pool, water jets, and hot tubs that are totally built into the pool.

Support Pitts

Spending a late summer night in the pool is the best thing, and having a fire close makes it even better. During the cool summer nights, a fire pit can add warmth and light. When the flames of a fire dance and bounce off the water in a pool, it can be amazing to watch.

We'll make a plan that meets your needs and fits your outdoor space, whether you just want a fire pit or want to add a grill to cook on top.

Rock Installation

A rock feature is another great addition to any pool. It gives the pool a more natural look and helps it fit in with the rest of your yard. We are experts at customizing these parts to your exact needs so that your home has a unique look that goes well with the rest of it.

Water Slides

Everyone loves a good water slide. As long as your pool is deep enough, they are easy to add and fun for people of all kinds, young and old. If you need a water slide, Dallas Pool Resurfacing & Plastering can put one in as quickly and easily as possible.

Sun Shelves

Sun shelves are great places to relax in the sun because you can see the whole pool without any obstructions. Because they are so shallow, they are perfect for families who want to take their young children swimming for the first time.

How Much Does Pool Remodeling Cost?

The cost of a project depends on a lot of different things, like the size of the pool, the repairs that need to be done, and the materials and improvements that are used in the makeover. This makes it hard to estimate the exact cost of a normal pool remodeling job.

Each pool remodeling job is different, and smaller ones that don't change much may only cost a few thousand dollars, while bigger ones that do a lot can cost as much as $100,000.

The best way to find out how much your job will cost is to call us. We can set up a convenient, no-cost consultation where we'll come to your house, look at your pool, and give you a fair and accurate quote of how much your planned renovation will cost. No matter what your goals are, we'll try to come up with a plan that meets your needs and stays within your budget.

The Pool Remodeling Process

The remodeling process can look very different depending on what you choose to have done. Do you just want to improve the pool, or do you want to make the whole area look better? Dallas Pool Resurfacing & Plastering is the company to call for all pool repair needs, no matter what you want to do.

If you want to change your pool, the most important thing to think about is what kind of material it is made of. We're used to working with all the materials used to build pools, so as soon as we've finished your inspection and given you a quote, we'll get started on the renovations.

Plaster and concrete are by far the most common materials used in swimming pools, and updating a pool can be done in a few easy steps.

First, we'll drain the pool, and then we'll fix any leaks or cracks in the base. Then, the surface will be sandblasted to get rid of the old, broken plaster, and a new coat of long-lasting plaster will be put on top.

Rebuilding Your Outdoor Space

Dallas Pool Resurfacing & Plastering can also make a big difference in the way your pool and yard look. Why stop at a pool when you could build an outdoor space that is so much more?

Our highly skilled team's wide range of pool and garden makeover services makes it easier than ever to make the backyard of your dreams.

Call us if you want to fully redo your pool in Dallas and make it a place that your family and friends will love. Our services include installing outdoor kitchens, grills, pool speakers, outdoor bars, hot tubs, fire pits, water features, patio spots, and much more.

We specialize in making dreams come true, so don't settle for anything less than your perfect paradise for your pool and garden.

Commercial Pool Remodeling Services

We're proud of the fact that we serve both residential and business clients in Dallas. Commercial pools are usually bigger and more complicated than residential pools, but our highly skilled and qualified pool techs have a lot of experience maintaining and rebuilding them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Remodeling a Pool

Homeowners often have questions about remodeling jobs for their pools, and we are always happy to answer them. Here are some of the most common questions we get about updating pools:

How long does remodeling a pool take?

The answer to this question will change based on the size and scope of the job. Major repairs, upgrades, and new landscaping can take anywhere from a few weeks to two months to finish. Smaller jobs, on the other hand, can often be finished in just a few days.

How long does it take to get an estimate?

We are proud to offer quick, useful, and free price quotes, consultations, and pool checks. When you call us, we can often send a pool worker to your house the same day. After the review and consultation, you'll get a formal quote the very next day.

When is the best time to fix up your pool?

The best time to start a job to fix up a pool is in late fall or early winter. By then, the swimming season will be over, so our repair crew will be able to finish your job without stopping you from using your pool during the summer.

How do I take care of my pool that I just remodeled?

If you want your pool to stay in good shape for a long time after the remodel is done, you need to make sure it gets regular maintenance. Use one of the many cleaning and care services we offer for pools to make sure it stays in good shape.

We also recommend covering your pool when it's not in use. This simple step can keep your pool from getting damaged by the weather when it doesn't have to.

Will the work being done on the pool put my yard in danger?

No matter how big or small the job is, we take extra care to manage, contain, and get rid of all the dust, dirt, and other waste that comes up during the remodeling process. We also promise that we won't damage your yard with big equipment.

We're here to help you turn your yard into the outdoor paradise of your dreams, and we know that we won't be able to do that if we destroy the rest of your yard in the process. After we finish your job, we'll take our time to clean and pack up so that your space is even cleaner than when we got there.

Do I need any special paperwork or permits to change my pool?

Getting permits and other papers may be needed for a pool remodeling job, depending on how big it is and how much it changes. We will make sure you know what permits you need and help you get them. We’re highly experienced with local building codes and rules.

Remodel a Pool in Dallas

Ready to get started with the top pool remodeling contractor in Dallas? Contact us at Dallas Pool Resurfacing & Plastering today to schedule your free consultation! We also provide other services like pool plastering, so make sure to check that out.. 


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